MY PLACES #1_ My Bristol Lapse

#1_ My Bristol Lapse / Motion Control Reel

I started this project as a motion control reel and bit by bit it has become a personal project about the city where I live. Now, thinking in next project, export it to different places where I have lived, such as Edinburgh, Ibiza, and Seville.
I shot near 100,000 pictures and used different techniques such as hiperlapses and 360º photography.

Filmed, edited&post: Pablo de las Cuevas

Music: Eloy Bandin

Production Assistant: Marta Pibernat


Antonio Mayor / Ramonchi Torres / Macarena Iriek / Marina Arias
Koke Saenz / Borja L. / Raquel R. / Mery Quaque 

Deep o Productions
Left Bank


Bristol Post 18-9-2013            Fuckyeah Bristol     Western Daily Press


AIDS is going to loose.

Video recorded for a contest about  AIDS World Day.

“You recognize that life is an ongoing learning experience and that no matter how bad things are, you can prevail…”

The brief given was about contagious positivism and emotivity…
More than that, I have tried to show how with an optimist attitude we can prevail over any problem. Positivism is the key.


Directed, Filmed and Edited: Pablo de las Cuevas
Art costume: Marta Pibernat
Camera Assistant: Eloy Bandin, Antonio Rojas
Still Photographers: Alicia Moreno, Antonio Rojas
Production Assistant: Patricia Dominguez
Music: Eloy Bandin, Pablo de las Cuevas
Script Adapt.: Ramsés Cardenas, Nacho Jorge Peinado

Actress: Carmen Gabriele
Actor: Jack Salt




¨Everywhere, any time¨

Commercial for Tim Mobile video contest.
I’ve tried to show how nowadays people can make the most of mobile technology using Internet and the apps everywhere at any time.

Video concept, filmed, edited and post-produced by Pablo de las Cuevas.
Music Production: Pablo de las Cuevas, Eloy Bandin.
Music: Diego Rodríguez, Pablo de las Cuevas.
Production Assistant: Antonio Rojas.





This video shows a personal selection of my favourite time-lapses I made for several years, for work as well as my own enjoyment. Video Reel Time-lapse 2012. All the footage has been shot, edited and post-produced by myself. Music: Philip Glass.

Este video es una selección muy personal de timelapses que durante varios años realicé, tanto para trabajos como para mi mismo…Video reel timelapse 2012. Todas las imágenes han sido tomadas, post-producidas y editadas por mí. Música: Philip Glass.